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Hey guys, I've been inactive because I've been working on stuff. I got the FNAF mobile version yesterday, and I've been playing SSBB on my Wii. ALso got Mario Kart Wii...

Anyways, If you need anything, such as an art submission or art advice, just PM me, and I'll get to it.

P.S.: I haven't been scouted yet, and i sent a PM to someone so I could get scouted.


2015-01-17 08:52:00 by Godzillaisover9000

Hey guys, I've been wondering if someone could... uh...



2014-12-16 18:11:44 by Godzillaisover9000

Whoever is reading this, please make Five Nights At Freddy's.

I request that it is just like the original game, but a bit less scary.

Jumpscares (in my request) would have to be deleted, and when the player dies, the animatronic that kills you would just stare at the player.




2014-12-07 06:13:41 by Godzillaisover9000

This is one funny piece of awesomeness.

And so is this!


2014-12-06 16:03:50 by Godzillaisover9000

Anybody! I need help on embed codes! IDK how to put those things in to add pics or vids to my posts! PM me the instructions if you know how!


(Also, if you know what file a NG audio is, PM me that as well)

(And please scout me! I need to see my art in the art portal! reccomend my art!)

Plz help meh!

2014-12-06 07:35:59 by Godzillaisover9000

I need help from whoever adds videos to their posts!


[Godzilla art contest entries: due last day of january]

[my art uploads are Monday,Wednesday, Friday]

2 posts in 1

2014-12-02 18:16:44 by Godzillaisover9000

This is a double post.

The Godzilla art challenge's deadline is the end of January (Godzilla must be destroying a building with his breath).

My art submissions are now: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Catch ya on the flip side!


Godzilla art deadline

2014-12-02 17:21:11 by Godzillaisover9000

Well, the deadline is the end of January. Also, if you've entered this contest, NO PHOTOSHOP ALLOWED.

The paint program on Windows7 is acceptable. The grand prize is an art piece and a post that is dedicated towards the winner of the challenge. The 2 runner ups will have a post dedicated towards them. I hope a lot of you attend this challenge. I'm really looking forward to it. Traditional art (pencil and paper) will be accepted. [Jazza, if you're reading this, I'd like you to send me your opinion of the winner and runner ups.]  All who enter, comment on this and make one of your tags: Godzilla9000.

Yours truly,


Godzilla art contest!

2014-12-01 15:28:53 by Godzillaisover9000

Hey guys! I've always wanted to hold a contest to see who can draw the best at something. Well, now's my chance to do just that! I'm holding an art contest to see who can draw Godzilla the best! BUT... here's the catch. You must draw Godzilla using his radioactive breath while taking down a building with it.


Best of luck,


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GUYS, LISTEN TO ME! Jazza HAS STARTED A NEW CONTEST! It is on Christmas villains. I'm drawing something pretty cool for my entry. PM me if you think i should enter my artwork!

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